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III Millenium Terror, a new point of view

22 Mar

Europe: while the ambush to Alberto Musy, the politician shooted in Turin,  has already disappeared from the headlines, and while Mohammed Merah decides to die “weapons in the hands”, like his ancestors in the War of Algeria, it happens that no one asks – analysts, politicians, soldiers and journalists – on the new course of terrorism, which began in 1995 with the massacre in Oklahoma City when it was demolished, with a “truck bomb”, the federal building Alfred P. Murrah, FBI headquarters, which killed 168 people and wounded more than 800 though.

One attack occurred six years before Twin Towers demolition, which has seen unconventional tactics and “weapons”, which was designed not just to massacre, but to destroy a leadership (FBI), which was performed by two people (Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols), politicized but not connected with others, which had the “revenge” as its motive and not “a perfect world”.

Oklahoma City bomb was followed by Twin Towers Attack, implemented by a jihadist cell, linked to Al Qaeda network, founded by  Osama Bin Laden and many unknown others.
Again we can talk about  unconventional  tactics and “weapons”, not a “simpe” massacre, but the destruction of a leadership (Wall Street), played by few people, politicized but with no contacts or connections in place, which had revenge as motive and not a “perfect world”.

In the confusion and collective shock after September 11 attacks, George Walker Bush and his advisers found useful to say some half-truths and a couple of big lies just to hide a “complex but simple” reality, as Syriana showed in cinemas.

So the theorem of “asymmetric warfare” and “non-belligerent combatants” was created, in which the “rogue states” were financing of “terrorist cells”, motivated by a “corrupt faith” or hunger for money. In fact, the “rogue states” were not really (except perhaps Afghanistan of Mullah Omar), the “asymmetric warfare” does not exist, it is just the amount of missiles and bombers supplied to the USAAF, fighters noncombatant “were often of rebels “, the “terrorist cells” were motivated by revenge and not simply and solely by the” corrupt the faith. “

So facts happened and so happened “War on Terror” that still affects half the world’s armed forces against an invisible and largely non-existent enemy, as decadal statistics evidenced about conspiracies and attacks carried out or foiled.

And, meanwhile, measures were taken not against suicide bombing of the isolated persons and not useful if a network is acting (like Al Qaeda but also like Narcos), but both serve to prevent domestic terrorism, the spontaneous terrorism, done by “crazy” citizens.

And, in fact, although it has magnified control on guns, on basic chemicals, on money transactions and on certain ethnic areas and people.

Just in the last years, in Europe, we can report burned alive people in a bank by the Black Blocks in Athens, the massacre of Utoya implemented by Anders Brevik, the slaughter of Toulouse, carried out by Mohammed Merah, the resumption of “endemic” terrorism in Italy, including letter bombs, sabotages and shootings.

All attacks were carried out with unconventional “tactics and weapons”, to eliminate a leadership, done by individuals, politicized but motived by “revenge”.

So, anyone thinking that “the end of ideology” coincides with a period of “peace”, as he is mistaken.

By analyzing the many acts of “terror” that occurred in history, we rarely find well-connected individuals or part of an organizatio. An aspect that takes shape only in the twentieth century with the Marxist-Leninist, as Red Brigades or Red Fraction Army, or paramilitary nationalist organizations, like the Irish Army, the Basque ETA, the Israeli Stern Gang, the Palestinian Hamas.

Terrorist acts are actions carried out by few individuals or by organizations or networks with strong sectarian overtones – a bit as the Congregation of Hashassin, thousand years ago – which are in addition to the attacks carried out by or on behalf of one of many narco cartels operating in the world.

So, coming to Italy (weak link in the chain of Eurozona), this issue arises in a much more complex than they might want to think about the “talking crickets”.

In a similar “landscape”, the mayor risk is represented by over 50 y.o. people, who prevedibly should become unemployed or in poverty after Fornero’s reforms, and that, having learned what is “necessary to do” during the Seventies, could lead very blatant and dramatic individual actions, well beyond the climbing a crane or give themselves on fire in the street as it did.
In the alternative, their children, as the “revenge” motive seems to be universal … not to mention a ex-Nazi skinheads or extreme left activists 40 y.o. aged, exacerbated by 20 years of social and employing insecurity.

The attempt to Alberto Musy seems to belong to this category of events, regardless of any politicization of the aggressor.

Immediately after, the risk that Italy runs comes by two “protagonists”, not just “non-belligerent combatants” or “misfits involved in terrorism”: the Mafia and the foreign states with which Italy has not alliances, interested in destabilizing the Eurozone and the Bildberger financial system. But, wanting to be correct, this should be called “asymmetric warfare” and not simply “terrorism”.

Returning to Italian potential chaos, the risk of isolated acts is not irrelevant, especially if the media will continue to ignore a widespreading discontent about an authoritarian  government of technicians coming by financial business sectors.

In fact, what they are not taking into account – both Mario Monti and current European political class – is that, after “the end of ideologies”, with parties transformed into piles, not only the anti-politics remains, so “usefully” for who, like the financial powers, need to “divide and conquer” to lead their games.
After “the end of ideologies” the world re-comes “pre-political”, as the 1848’s cannibal Communards in Paris, the armed gangs such as Bonnot or Pancho Villa, isolated acts such as that done by Mr. Apple in Odessa, regicides such as Umberto I of Savoy by Gaetano Bresci, a southern man, forty years after annexation of the Two Sicilies.

Thirst for “revenge”, daughter of the exasperation and granddaughter of exclusion, is the “goddess” who guides the hand of a “terrorist”, not the “ideologies”.

The driver is alerted, but … given that these things are not taught in a private enterpirses … we have to clear if our “technical professors bankers” – in Italy as everywhere – will be able to “read the landscape”.

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I numeri della guerra al terrorismo in USA

11 Set

I casi di terrorismo islamista che la New America Foundation e Siracuse Maxwell School hanno rilevato in questi dieci anni negli Stati Uniti dopo l’11 settembre sono in tutto 188, incluso il fiancheggiamento ed il trading finanziario.
Infatti, solo in un terzo degli arresti sono stati contestati relativi il possesso di armi od esplosivi. Inoltre, nel 33% dei casi le autorità sono state attivate da un informatore e nel 22% da una soffiata, se non addirittura si è potuto contare sull’assistenza data da familiari o persone della comunità religiosa.

Un recente studio pubblicato dalla CNN indica che al Qaeda e gli Jihadisti non sono gli unici terroristi che gli USA devono affrontare e che in 10 anni le morti causate da costoro sono “solo” trenta a fronte di 150.000 omicidi di cittadini americani, avvenuti nello stesso periodo.
Inoltre, la ricerca di Peter Bergen (CNN’s national security analyst) dimostra che il Jihadismo non ha fatto più danni dei terroristi “interni”, come le milizie, o gli ambientalisti, sfatando così la principale paura che si era diffusa tra gli statunitensi: quella di subire ondate di attacchi chimici, biologici, radiologici.
Anzi, gli ultimi dieci anni raccontano come siano gli estremistri di destra e di sinistra, e non al Quaeda, a preferire questo tipo di attacchi.

I casi di terrorismo interno, in questi dieci anni, sono stati almeno 114, secondo le statistiche federali, tra cui il report della CNN rammenta quelli che hanno rappresentato un pericolo consistente su larga scala:

  1. il microbiologo Bruce Ivins uccise cinque persone con lettere all’antrace (Columbia District 2001).
  2. William Krar e Judith Bruey erano pronti ad uccidere migliaia di persone con bombe al cianuro (Texas 2003).
  3. Joseph “Dr. Chaos” Konopka era in possesso notevoli quantità di prodotti chimici pericolosi, tra cui cianuro, quando è stato arrestato (Chicago 2002).
  4. i suprematisti bianchi Demetrius van Crocker e James Cummings sono stati catturati, rispettivamente nel 2004 e nel 2008, mentre tentavano di costruire bombe per attacchi con gas tossici o con sostanze a bassa radioattività.

In realtà, il numero di azioni terroristiche interne, è di gran lunga superiore, se si considerano anche i casi di violazione delle leggi sulle armi e gli esplosivi, le distruzioni di proprietà e gli incendi dolosi per “cospirazione sediziosa”, come, ad esempio, è accaduto per la milizia antigovernativa Hutaree nel Michigan.
Molto spesso i terroristi interni si erano mimetizzati all’interno di comunità marginali, al punto che nel 50% dei casi sono stati agenti infiltrati a scoprire il complotto e solo nel 18% dei casi le autorità hanno potuto contare sulla collaborazione di parenti o conoscenti dei terroristi.

USA: Attacchi di terroristici (2001-2011)

  • 37% antigovernativi – black bloc
  • 23% ambientalisti – animalisti
  • 17% suprematisti – neonazisti
  • 11% integralisti cristiani – antiabortisti

Il numero dei incidenti che hanno causato morti vede otto casi attribuiti al terrorismo interno e solo quattro a quello islamista.
Nel dettaglio, se si esclude l’attacco di Fort Hood – Texas nel 2009, attuato da un militare USA veterano dell’Afganistan con 13 morti, gli islamisti hanno ucciso solo 4 persone, mentre ai terroristi interni sono attribuite almeno 14 morti.

In conclusione, a dieci anni dagli attentati alle Twin Towers, le statistiche confermano che la guerra al terrorismo avviata dagli USA è stata una scelta sbilanciata, visto che lo Jihadismo appare essere più un fenomeno che si va radicando nei territori islamizzati, inclusi quelli occidentali.
Del resto, i moderni assertori dello Jihad sono i figli degli intergralisti islamici degli Anni ’80, il cui scopo era quello di portare l’Islam alla “purezza originaria”, macchiata, secondo loro, dall’emancipazione femminile, dal consumismo, dall’usura.
Non è un caso che l’ex Segretario alla Difesa di Henry Ford e G.W. Bush, Donald Rumsfeld, ha dichiarato, proprio ieri, che “fu un errore chiamare la guerra in Afganistan come Guerra al Terrorismo”. Se lo dice lui …