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European Football Championship: a stray dogs slaughter in a big brothel

9 Giu

Pictures and videos on the Web are unequivocal and it is probably underestimated the number of 10,000 exterminated stray dogs – since 2007 in Poland and, especially, in the Ukraine (30,000?) – after those Countries had been assigned the organization of Euro 2012, the European Football Championship for National Teams.
All this despite UEFA (Union of European Football Associations) gave to Ukraine funds to sterilize stray dogs and build kennels. Of which there is no trace.


It is no coincidence that on his website in November 2011, Uefa headlined against the extermination of stray dogs in Ukraine, stating that only “after repeated meetings between UEFA and the Ukrainian authorities, the Environment Minister, Mykola Zlochevsky, has announced an immediate ban to exterminate stray dogs”.

So, up to six months ago, nothing had been done and municipalities exterminated stray dogs with brutal or inhumane methods … that the Ukrainian law prohibits since 2006.


  Just 22 Members of European Parliament – including the Italian Andrea Zanoni – had formally protested to the President of Ukraine Victor Yanokovych and Prime Minister Mykola Azarov.

“The killing of stray dogs and cats in Ukraine has reached dimensions of holocaust, in recent months. This is an unacceptable situation and exacerbated by the fact that all this could be aimed to ‘clean up’ the streets in view of the European Football Championship 2012 “.

In Germany, many football players have joined the protests and the powerful environmental organization PETA has released this video.


Not only that, what follows is a widespread service from ARD, the first public network in Germany.


In Italy, just few football players seems to have joined the dissent and few photos were published by medias.

And, now, we go for the worst.

In fact, if tens of thousands ‘friends of man’ had to find a horrible death for the glories of European football, there will certainly be many more the women who, for Euro 2012, will offer their ‘services’ to ‘sport fans’.

For years, the Ukrainian Women’s organization FEMEN denounced the project to transform the country into a sort of plenty for sex tourism, which is certainly having his exploits in those days, while hundreds of thousands of ‘fans’ and tens of thousands of ‘football employees’ are flowing there for Euro 2012.

Yet, as reported yesterday Italian newspaper ‘Secolo XIX’: “prostitution and AIDS are among the most painful wound that afflict the Ukraine and, according to some observers, the arrival of about 800,000 football fans – from all over the continent for Euro 2012 – could further aggravate the situation.
Ukraine is the European country where the HIV virus is more widespread. According to data published in 2007, UNAIDS, HIV-positive people in the former Soviet republic are about 410,000, ie 1.46% of the adult population. The percentage, according to a survey of the Institute of Sociology in Kiev, even though arrive to 9% among prostitutes, estimated in Ukraine to be between 63 000 to 93 000″.

And in fact, the spokesman FEMEN, Inna Shevchenko, complains that “Ukraine has become a big brothel. Everyone knows that in this country is easier for men to satisfy their sexual urges. It’s like fast food”.

“They are organizing the championship in this country because here they can earn money very easy. Here there are beautiful women but also very poor and poorly educated who have no alternative other than being slaves at home, at work or in prostitution”.

Hard to cheer for a goal, an athletic gesture or a victory knowing what they have spent tens of thousands of our ‘best friends of man’ … and how tens of thousands of Ukrainian women spend the night … and what causes this.

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