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Another Italian soldier died in Afghanistan. Why?

26 Ott

Another Italian soldier, Tiziano Chierotti, died in Afghanistan and 3 others were wounded. A patrol just 20 km from Camp Lavaredo up to ​​the village of Siav, where an ambush awaited them.

And we have to ask ourselves why we sent them there.

Perhaps, because we are tired of seeing heroine among our young people, given that, in 2011, ‘the United Nations stated that the portion of land for the Afghan opium cultivation had increased by 7%, reaching a total length of 1.310 kilometers square, of which the majority is in the ‘less safe’ areas of the south and east of Afghanistan. ‘ (Source: Reuters)

According to the Russian Federal Service for the Control of Narcotics, Talibans – just them – would try $ 150 million a year from drug trades. ‘A huge mass of heroin produced in a small area as New York City,’ said Ivanov, the ‘Tsar of Russian DEA’, while Barack Obama has promised – with too much carelessness? – to leave the control of the country to Afghans by the end of 2014, while it is certain that a good part of the illegal traffics takes place under the cover of military place.

We spoke of Tiziano, Corporal Chierotti, an Alpine Ranger by Arma di Taggia, province of Imperia, who died for the streets of Siav, Farah province, Afghanistan, in the name of a war that the Taliban have declared to the world 30-plus years ago, first migrating in Afghanistan in the wake of fundamentalists supported by China and the United States, and then occupying it permanently, having leveled the capital, Kabhul, although he had surrendered, just to disarticulate the state organization.

A band of millions of Pakistan tribal raiders that two genertions ‘occupied’ the lucrative trade of weapons and opium on which Afghan economy trusts.

Several years ago, I wrote about the ‘enemy’ and the correctness to call them ‘insurgents’, as the United Nations so called them, but limiting this definition to Wiziristan, where tribal groups were not hostile, originally, to our ‘peacekeepers’.

Today, I think it is important to begin to clarify who the insurgents, the tribes who do not identify with the government in Kabul, who the Taliban ‘out of area’ as in Siav, which is outside the area of ​​historical infiltration by Pashtun / Taliban from Pakistan, and who are the ‘narcos’ that are based in Siav, which – like other places in that ‘caravan highway’ – is one of the stages of the couriers from west provinces come and go with Pakistan.

Reasons to suggest to deal the U.S. abandon of any role of the military police against the narco cartels – in Hispanic Americas to local forces as in Afghanistan as to a meager ‘ten thousand army’ of Italian or Engish soldiers and an half dozen of some others – while USA is the largest market in the world of drug dealing?

Reasons too abstract to accept the death of one of our beloved guys, and too many of others in homeland, that succumb to heroin?

Support our soldiers.

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