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Italy, one more murder of a young woman

20 Ott

Samuele Caruso, if he lived in the United States, has already booked his cell in Death Row.
The media report that he would not have resigned at the end of the love affair with the former girlfriend and would haunt her for weeks. He expected the house and stabbed her and her sister (17 y.o.) that died for injuries.

Caruso would be awaiting the death penalty not only in USA, but also in India, China, Japan, Indonesia and much of the Islamic Countries. States accounting for almost 2/3 of the entire human race.

A common sense …

He said “that he acted in the throes of a fit and to have lost my mind”. But he should explain why he was nearby the house of the girl with a knife in his pocket, why he killed with no reason Carmela Petrucci, that received the most violent stabbing, while she try to protect her sister

An infamous crime, that human race has relegated to the lowest degree of tolerability from the dawn of time: the murder of a young woman.

A crime that, if the Italian court will accept the ‘temporary inability to understand’, could result in a  effective jail conviction of 6-7 years.
A result possible because the young man on Facebook asked not long time ago asked “just love and health for the people who love you. Because the only thing you can not change is the loss of someone you love’ …

And, if it will not a ‘premeditated’ manslaughter, Caruso, between 12-13 years, will still be in play, at 35 years, could be free, ready to rebuild his life.

Carmela Petrucci, however, will not have this right, his sister Lucia will bring to life the signs of received blows, the brother of the girls will always remember those desperate cries from the door, the grandmother will die with the weight that she had ‘went just a minute’ to the supermarket, leaving the girls alone for a while.

For Samuel Caruso there is even a life sentence.

There is no justice in the country named Italy.

Yet, in recent times, we would not have hesitated to call the young Carmela Petrucci a ‘virgin martyr’, relegating in hell – with no doubt – the worst Samuel Caruso.

Today, by contrast, Italy ‘offers’ different records negatives about the murders of women and stalking, as well as regarding the employment of women and their careers or minor penalties for those who offend them.

And we are not ashamed about this.

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