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Why America should be wary of Matteo Renzi?

18 Ott

Matteo Renzi goes America to have dinner with Mr. President Barack Obama. An important event for Italian and American Democrats. But what United States have to earn?

At first, it should be remembered that Matteo Renzi became premier thanks to a reinforced majority in the House done by a unconstitutional law, and thanks to his appointment by the President of the Republic, a former communist who cheered for the Soviet invasion of Hungary in 1956 .
The mayor of a little  as famous town (Florence) appointed by the first offical of the republic to manage Italian politics, because without a legitimate parliament and without a law to vote for him.
He should have to be a receiver, not more.


About the reforms that Obama appreciates, Americans need to know that:

  • debt and public deficits have increased despite the Austerithy
  • the European Union and national Istitute of statistics (ISTAT) recently showed that the initial successes of Renzi derived from interventions introduced by Mario Monti and Enrico Letta
  • the aids to companies for the crisis and the resumption as the ‘bailouts’ are in fact went to local banks and investors in Dem’s constituencies
  • the government does not reimburse more than 30 billion dollars of which it is liable to the institute pensions, of which at least half confirmed by the Accounting Court
    the State administers the pension funds of the workers, so by six years the Italian Democrats are delaying retirement of 1952-1963 borns
  • the same national institute (INPS) which manages the pension annuity for workers on behalf of the State, is also in charge of the investigation and control of the requirements of the disabled, as it must also provide for the welfare and care of the indigents (over six million)
  • those who have worked 41 years and earn more than $ 2,000 each month must give up almost half of the annuity or wait up to the age of 67 y.o.
    millions of rare disease carriers renounce therapies because the bureaucracy of the mandatory public (called ‘universal’) system
  • millions of chronically ill people have to struggle for years to get drugs and disability or subsidies
  • physicians require more resources to emergency rooms and hospitalizations
  • in Italy costs for state.towards families who choose a not-statal school are prohibited
  • statal schools do not have enough teachers and in the last three years standards have not improved
  • Rome was delivered to the brink of bankruptcy by the Democrats to the new Mayor
  • the recent earthquake in Amatrice (over 200 deaths) proved tragically as laws and funding for anti-seismic buildings remain wastepaper
  • Matteo Renzi’s constitutional reform envisages that the majority ‘disciplines /schools’ the opposition
  • Matteo Renzi’s electoral reform envisages a ballotage with the winner that doubles the deputies and the opposition will have the sits behalved.


  • not few Democrats are involved in corruption and embezzlement scandals and arrests
  • in Rome, the Democrats have collected less than 10% of the votes of members voting
  • in Italy the Democrats collect less than 25% of the votes of members voting.

Remebered the former communist president who appointed Matteo Renzi as Prime Minister, do not forget that the Italian Democrats are the heirs of the Italian Communist Party and of the populist Christian Democracy Party in turn heirs of the core of former fascist popular consensus.

Is there anything better than Matteo Renzi in Italy? Maybe yes maybe not.
It just depends on whether or not you want to try to search and support him/her or not.