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Mattarella for President: another Jesuit for Rome?

31 Gen

Sergio Mattarella is the new President of the Italians.
A gentleman, southerner, educated person, he has credit in the ‘gentry’ society. The critical elements are given in the age (73 years old) and the former ChrisitanDemocrat origin, as in his appaesament in PD, as well as being little known Italian and abroad.

Who will Mr. President Sergio Mattarella is easy to say: we can predict that he will inspire to Bartolomeo Sorge, a Jesuit, theologist and Italian political scientist, expert on social doctrine of the Church and member of the so-called Democratic Catholicism.
Padre Sorgeduring the 80s as director of Civiltà Cattolica, a newspaper published by Jesuits, became the protagonist of a movement of opinion to promote Catholics into a new cultural identity and a new political role, with the goal of a re-founding” of the Christian Democrats , and, from 1986 to 1996, he directed the Institute of Political TrainingPedro Arrupe’ in Palermo, from which supported the so-called Spring of Palermo‘ twenty years ago.

The father, Bernardo Mattarella, repeatedly parliamentary, constitutional expert and anti-mafia man’, already in 1944  signaled to Don Luigi Sturzo, even in the United States, that the Sicilian separatism is still a movement that must be followed and constantly vigilant, even little good for the element from which it is surrounded, the mafia, reported by the feudal lords to the honor of the separatist political limelight ” and – in an article in the June 3, 1944 on People and Freedom – published an article in which he accused the separatists, accusing them of have “on the conscience the sad responsibility to have gathered around it (the Mafia), trying to recharge the organization more dangerous and overbearing that has plagued for many years our lands.”

Therefore, the election of Sergio Mattarella could also prove a good choice, with the right man in the right place.
The problem is the butcher policy that led to his name.

In fact, going to summarize, this election:

  1. induces the generation of octogenarians actually ‘on ride again’ to believe they can reset the country to 1994, when just the Mattarellum law entered Italy into the hell of the Second Republic, or perhaps to 1978 when the whole Italian politics turned for the worse
  2. convinces the Demoratic Party to be in a politically hegemonic position , while this is true only in neoaristocratics clubs,  while, on the contrary, both the Democrats like the people’ are of a completely different opinion
  3. leaves a huge void on right side of parliament’, with an Alfano hostage’ of the Stability and a Berlusconi’ humiliated more than  judgments did, but also to left side’, since the day after tomorrow Matteo Renzi could claim to have reconstructed the White Demo-Christian Whale .

Meanwhile, we note that with Pope Bergoglio sj and Mattarella President goes to compose a piece of that democratic project that led to the papacy John XXIII as John F. Kennedy in the White House, but 1961 is so far away.

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