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Coronavirus: the Italian rules

12 Mar


People have not to leave the house and, however, must remain in own neighborhood, if not for valid reasons.
Two people maximum in the car, if not familiar.

No transportation blocking.
All means of public and private transport operate regularly.

Civil and religious ceremonies suspended.

People can leave the house to buy food and for close necessities.
Stores will always be restocked. There is no limitation on the transit of goods.

In case of symptoms of respiratory infection or fever above 37.5 ° C it is strongly recommended to stay at home, to seek medical attention and to limit contact with others as much as possible.
There is an absolute ban on leaving home for those who are quarantined or tested positive for the virus.

Those who leave home to go to work, for health reasons or situations of necessity, must complete a self-declaration to the police force.
You can go out with the dog, but only for the daily management of its physiological needs and for veterinary checks.

Business that can remain open:

  1. supermarkets, mini markets and grocery stores (bakers, fishmongers, butchers, pizza slices etc.)
  2. pharmacies, herbalists, perfumeries, soap shops, dry cleaners, pet shops,
    computer, photo and optical stores
  3. petrol stations, tobacconists and newsagents
  4. hardware store, and all the craftsmen (mechanics, carpenters, electricians, plumbers etc.)
  5. offices and factories

Violation of the provisions is punished with an arrest of up to three months or a fine of up to 206 euros.