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The declassified hearing of a mafia turncoat on waste traffic in Naples

2 Nov

Reading the words of Carmine Schiavone, the Casalesi mafia turncoat, you wonder why the Italian government to stop a so huge environmental disaster and why the various parliaments – that have come and gone – have secreted similar news. Why governments were waiting for 20 years.
But you have to wonder how that could happen that half of Europe was able to converge on Naples a enormous waste, just while North Italian racist slogans were chanting ‘Oh God,  wash their rubbish with the fire of Vesuvius ‘ and, anyway ,how was possibile evading controls , such as those Germans, who should be serious .

The question, inevitable , which is very simple: when the authors of this huge environmental disaster realized that they are the killers of monstrous genocide?
And then ,why they have continued ?

Hearing of the Camorra turncoat Carmine Schiavone by Italian Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry at its meeting on October 7, 1997 – p. 9 (declassified October 31, 2013)

  •     President Massimo Scalia : When the waste has become an ​​activity of the clan ?
  •     Carmine Schiavone : This situation immediately became operational and began to pour money into the coffers of the state …
  •     President Massimo Scalia : You mean in the coffers of the clan ?
  •     Carmine Schiavone : It ‘the same , more or less.
  •     President Massimo Scalia : Why do you say that is the same ?
  •     Carmine Schiavone : I am embarrassed. I was referring to the coffers of the clan as a clan of state …
  •     President Massimo Scalia : It is your state !
  •     Carmine Schiavone : The Mafia and the Camorra could not exist if it was not the state … If Institutions want not the existence of a clan, what possibility to exist?

Hearing of the Camorra turncoat Carmine Schiavone by Italian Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry at its meeting on October 7, 1997 – p. 28 (declassified October 31, 2013)

  •     President Massimo Scalia : How much money have entered into cash by pertita waste ?
  •     Carmine Schiavone : As far as I know, from 2-3000 millions (of lire) in 1990
  •     President Massimo Scalia : So little?
  •     Carmine Schiavone : But in the common fund , with which he was paying monthly , not in private funds . I did seize the state 2.200 billions (of lire) and I think there are still few , it does not add up . There are also properties that can not be seized abroad , for example in Brazil , Spain. There are properties in Germany , in France.

Hearing of the Camorra turncoat Carmine Schiavone by Italian Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry at its meeting on October 7, 1997 – p. 22 (declassified October 31, 2013)

  •     President Massimo Scalia : You spoke of radioactive sludge from Germany. Can tell us something more?
  •    Carmine Schiavone : No. I just know that this sludge coming in lead logs of 50 cm, a bit long . Someone told me.

Hearing of the Camorra turncoat Carmine Schiavone by Italian Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry at its meeting on October 7, 1997 – p. 32 (declassified October 31, 2013)

  •     President Massimo Scalia : You was involved into the construction of the expressway connecting Napoli- Caserta … there is a natural suspicion that, with respect to such large volumes of business , there were …
  •     Carmine Schiavone : This does not happen only in Italy and in Germany , one of our affiliates – who had 99 company – built the highway from Baden- Baden to Monaco with a renevue of 27 billion marks. So it’s no wonder , it’s not only in Italy , but unfortunately  we are accustomed to think that  Italians are all thieves , but this happens in France , in Europe , to not speak of South America.

Hearing of the Camorra turncoat Carmine Schiavone by Italian Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry at its meeting on October 7, 1997- p. 30 (declassified October 31, 2013)

  •     President Massimo Scalia : You alluded to the fact that some politicians were related in some way to Freemasonry …
  •     Carmine Schiavone : Why do not we leave aside the politicians?

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Naples is calling under an unbelievable enviromental disaster

8 Ott

Hurry for Naples! – (Andy Wahrol)

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In the town of Caivano (Italy) , cabbages are yellow and not white , as normal. ‘It was polluted everything: groundwater, wells , land and even the cabbage. We found , in particular, cadmium , arsenic and lead with parameters of 4-500 times that exceeded the maximum allowed’. (General Giovanni Costa , head of the Forest Guard of Naples and its province, interviewed by Corriere del Mezzogiorno) .

The boundaries do not fare better : Qualiano, Villaricca and Giugliano towns are the industrial triangle of illegal dumping of toxic waste , which is managed by the Mallardo  clan, while Casalesi Clan control the territories of Caserta . ” (Italia24ore)

But the Land of Fires (this is the nickname of that territory of Campania by the hundreds of illegal fires of industrial garbage done by Camorra) is not limited to these populous towns or to the ‘triangle of death’ of Acerra , Nola and Marigliano , where in last years an exponential increase of tumors , especially in children , and mortality is growing.
47 municipalities are officially ‘ contaminated ‘ , including Afragola, Arzano, Aversa, Caivano, Calvizzano, Cardito, Carinaro, Casal di principe, Casaluce, Casandrino, Casapesenna, Casavatore, Casoria, Cesa, Crispano, Frattamaggiore, Frattaminore, Frignano, Giugliano, Gricignano di Aversa, Grumo Nevano, Lusciano, Marano, Melito, Mugnano, Orta di Atella, Parete, Qualiano, San Cipriano d’Aversa, San Marcellino, Sant’Antimo, Sant’Arpino, Succivo, Teverola, Trentola-Ducenta, Villa di Briano, Villa Literno, Villaricca.

To these towns three districts of Naples have to be added: Bagnoli and Cavalleggeri, where the dismantling of the former Eternit factory has turned into a huge pile of asbestos few meters far from the houses , and Pianura, where is a landfill hotly contested by the population.

Eternit Bagnoli Process: Some relatives of the more than 500 victims – so far proven.

At a guess we are talking about two million people daily exposed to industrial products or their smogs that are toxic, mutagenic, harmful to health.

Not for particular sins of the people that lives there, but for the gangs acting in plain sight, for a local political class selected elsewhere and for an Italian Republic which intervenes little and badly , unless it is distracted and busy in a completely different .
Needless to say, the costs of health are becoming increasingly unsustainable for the Campania Region and one of the richest agricultural production in Europe will be thrown away for years and years, relegating those territories to subsidiaryty.

Map of the Land of Fires for hazard index of the buried/ burned waste

The causes of an environmental disaster of so large and so dramatic consequences are few: the Camorra, the Italian Republic, the Italian Parliament.

In fact, the root of all evils is the traffic of hazardous wastes, which began in 1982 , thanks to an Italian law that deregulated the treatment of industrial waste, without – as tragically proved – adequate controls on the sites and on the certifiers .
In the 80s , long ago, we report the first investigation, ‘Adelphi’,  for international traffic of industrial bins and sewage buried in the quarries of Caserta and in the plains of Terra di Lavoro (today Land of Fires).
Only then (it was 1991 ) Italian Republic established an observatory and a parliamentary commission of inquiry , but not a comprehensive inspectorate and not a stricter rule on sites and certifications .

Today, it is a fact that the legislation and control systems were inadequate, as demonstrated by the process of Eternit Bagnoli which ended in the first instance with the sentencing to 16 years of the Swiss tycoon Stephan Schmidheiny and the Belgian Baron Louis De Cartier, former leaders of the multinational, (con)damned for environmental disaster and malicious willful default of safety precautions , but … the sentences are gone in prescription and asbestos is still there, in open air not so far from houses.

A sieve, which benefits – imposing it as dominant thanks to a billion- euro business – the Casalesi Clan, legal dealers for the construction of fish tanks from Lago Patria up to Mondragone, used for the extraction of sand and … the burying more of everything .

Burial of toxic waste in a quarry

Still, the principal dealer of the Casalesi Clan, Carmine Schiavone – already during the interrogation of ’93 , ’94 and ’96 – had described the whole illegal chain for the spillage of waste, stemming in large part ‘outputs’ from North Italy companies,  on time untouched by all the investigations .

Then, at the beginning of the second millennium, while the Italian Republic and its Parliament  were managing a disaster with unexplainable ease, the Campania Felix was wasted also by the vainglory of the Policy.
So it happened that the national news, in those years – rather than to make pressure on the Casalesi Camorra and the regional misrule, all twisted the question like ‘ incinerator yes-no ‘ as suggested by Minister Pecoraro Scanio and flashed the general attention on popular uprisings against legal landfills ( there have been convictions ) but not against those abusive …
Meanwhile , our companies of the North Italy continued to send their industrial wastes at unbeatable prices … why would they suspect of those who offered them it without problems?
Meanwhile, while tons of harmful waste are coming from northern Italy to Naples and Caserta, the same Italy refused to place in its landfills  the relatively few tons of garbage that invaded the city of Naples (without legal landfills) and created a global healthcare alarm even to WHO in New York.

Since then it goes on with a dozen fires per day, organized by small gangs employed by the Camorra around the provinces of Naples and Casert , to burn waste, solvents, tires, harmful products come from everywhere. And now even the wind is the enemy , in Terra di Lavoro aka Land of Fires , because it takes anywhere dioxins , heavy metals, toxic or mutagenic compounds.
Who  can is leaving  fine owned homes or work activities to take refuge in the few ‘safe’ areas. A silent, desperate exodus with no return.

Burning of toxic materials – Photo from Giornalettismo.it

The Italian Republic, its Parliament, its national Media? Absent or at least silent.

Not seen if , until 31 December 2007, the Province of Caserta – with an  international alarm for environmental disaster in progress – legislated to certify every wells with any statement provided by its owner and only from that date it was needed certain checks to be allowed to create and use a pit. Actually, ’60-70% of the wells used to irrigate the land is outlawed ” (CampaniaNotizie.com)

An Italy that stalls, sipping resources and responsibilities, if ” the third largest city in Campania, one of the most populous regions of Italy, is the ‘capital of poisons’. In Giugliano town is taking place in plain sight and in the general silence, one of the the most serious disasters in Europe.
In the almost ninety-five km square area – that extends from Marano to Aversa  stretching up into the Domitian coast, three of the four elements of nature are – in some cases – irreparably compromised : the dioxin breathed by the air, the leachates gone in many agricultural wells as the the (in)famous ponds where the Camorra has spilled the impossible, the industrial poisons filling the earth.

Photo by Il Mattino di Napoli

The Giugliano ecosystem  is so devastated that – few months ago – Prosecutor Alessandro Milita, author of a complex investigation into the Resit landfill (note: as big as 2,600 football fields ), told the parliamentary committee on waste cycle that exponential growth of pollution ‘can only be compared to AIDS , because in the coming years it will be extended again. Among forty years will inevitably come to terms. According to the expertise of the geologist Giovanni Balestri, in 2064 the aquifer under the Resit will be compromised by thousands of tons of poisons leached through the tuff’.
In Resit – by the initiative of the clan but behind a facade of legality represented by false claims – 341,000 tonnes of hazardous waste have been downloaded over the years, including 30,600 tons of all kinds of waste from chemical factory Acna Cengio, actually found less than twelve feet below ground. The landfill in Scafarea is the head of the monster that has already polluted twelve exploration wells in the surrounding countryside planted with vegetables and fruit and spits out , day after day, streams of toxic leachate.’ ( Il Corriere del Mezzogiorno)

Photo by Today.it

A distracted Parliament while invoking the fight against tax evasion and undeclared work, if the prefectural Commission found that the  city of Giugliano in Campania denotes a ‘lack of control and serious administrative problems at the vegetable market’, which is the second in Italy after Milan with a movement of one million tons per year of fruit and vegetables.

Even plans to introduce tougher sentencing, mandatory arrest for environmental crimes, summary trials on the basis of biochemical tests of the police.
No notice on the evidence that it is thanks to his laws and his (deficient) controls that Camorra has been able to achieve a kolossal environmental disaster, which otherwise continues unabated .
Not even wonders how it can still be fully asserted its jurisdiction in so abandoned lands in hands of  Camorra Clan, where citizens, rather than conspiratorial, are quite intimidated and deeply disheartened .

Not even a prominent politician in the sit ins as in the events promoted by parish priests and bishops , the ones remained in the forefront among the people.
Not a national front-page for a carnage – if unintended – is a massacre , and an ethnic cleansing – if still tolerated.

Event by Football Team S.S.C. Naples – Photo by La Repubblica

So, in this unfunny game, it happened that – few weeks ago – a well-known Italian newspaper  asked why the Neapolitan people does not rebel. A quite paradoxical question: against the Camorra or against the State – that claims taxes and does not guarantee safety and health – or both?

Do not blow on the embers which may be fire, if anyone does not recall the facts and/or forgets our history, after having spoken and written with contempt – and with impunity for decades – ‘on the Neapolitan people’ , starting from the stands of stadiums, as if racism could be everything else than racism.
Rather, we should ask whether the state exists in the provinces of Naples and Caserta or whether, as seems just , something has failed.

Meanwhile, hurry.
To save those who are still alive and help those who have nothing … to believe .

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La leggenda della spending review

4 Mag

Difficile scrivere qualcosa di serio in giornate in cui cronaca, informazione e governance decidono di darsi all’intrattenimento ed al varietà. Stiamo parlando della spending review.

Innanzitutto, con “revisione della spesa”, si intende quel processo diretto a migliorare l’efficienza e l’efficacia nella gestione della spesa pubblica che annualmente la Gran Bretagna attua da tempo. Come riporta l’apposito sito istituzionale britannico, “The National Archives” (of spending review), la “revisione di spesa” fissa un piano triennale di spesa della Pubblica Amministrazione, definendo i “miglioramenti chiave” che la comunità si aspetta da queste risorse. (Spending Reviews set firm and fixed three-year Departmental Expenditure Limits and, through Public Service Agreements (PSA), define the key improvements that the public can expect from these resources).

Niente tagli, semplicemente un sistema di pianificazione triennale con aggiustamenti annuali, che si rende possibile, anche e soprattutto, perchè la Camera dei Lord e la Corona britannica non vengono eletti, interrompendo eventualmente il ciclo gestionale o rendendosi esposte (nel cambio elettorale) a pressioni demagogiche o speculative.

Di cosa stia parlando Mario Monti è davvero tutto da capire, di cosa parli la stampa ancor peggio.

Venendo al super-tecnico Enrico Bondi, la faccenda si fa ancor più “esilarante” a partire dal fatto che, con tutti i professori ed i “tecnici” di cui questo governo si è dotato (utilizzandoli molto poco a dire il vero), è necessario un esterno per fare la prima cosa che Monti-Passera-Fornero avrebbero dovuto fare per guidare il paese: la spending review e cosa altro?
Il bello è che, dopo 20 anni di “dogma” – per cui di finanza ed economia potevano occuparsene solo economisti, matematici e statistici (ndr. i risultati si son visti) – adesso ci vuole un chimico (tal’è Enrico Bondi) per sistemare le cose, visto che sono gli ultimi (tra i laureati italici) ad avere una concezione interlacciata dei sistemi, una competenza merceologica e, soprattutto, la capacità di fornire stime affidabili con sveltezza.

Dulcis in fundo (al peggio non c’è mai fine) l’appello ai cittadini a segnalare sprechi.

Quante decine o centinaia di migliaia di segnalazioni arriveranno? Quanti operatori serviranno solo per catalogarle e smistarle? Quale è il modello (se è stato previsto) con cui aggregare il datawarehouse delle segnalazioni?

E quanto tempo servirà per un minimo di accertamenti “sul posto”? E chi mai eseguirà gli accertamenti?
Quante di queste segnalazioni saranno doverosamente trasmesse alla Magistratura, visto che nella Pubblica Amministrazione italiana vige ancora l’obbligo di denuncia, in caso di legittimo dubbio riguardo reati?

Una favola, insomma.
Beh, in tal caso, a Mario Monti preferisco Collodi: fu decisamente più aderente alla realtà italiana.

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L’agenda politica di maggio

2 Mag

Arriva il mese di maggio, quello maggiormente funesto, insieme all’autunno, per governi iniqui e regimi infausti. Niente paura, siamo in Italia, l’andamento è lento.

Giorni fa, si accennava alle “provincie” ed al nulla di fatto delle Regioni, nella non riposta speranza che Mario Monti si attenesse a tempi, leggi e promesse. Ed infatti, salvo una BCE (ovvero Mario Draghi?) che suggerisce di “accorpare” anzichè eradere, nulla s’è detto o s’è sentito.

Intanto, l’agenda c’è, l’ha fissata Monti stesso per decreto, ed è scaduta.

Non a caso, a fissare il viatico dei 30 giorni futuri, arrivano segnali di insofferenza dal Senato, dove una leggina “salva pensioni d’annata” è caduta su un emendamento della (nuova)Lega con 124 voti a favore, 94 contrari, 12 le astensioni.

Esiste, almeno al Senato, una “maggioranza” diversa dall’attuale non disponibile (in parte) a votare le mattanze sociali della Fornero o gli F-35 di Finmeccanica, ma propensa a legiferare in favore di minori prebende per la Casta e minore spesa pubblica?

Sarebbe interessante saperlo e, forse, lo sapremo a breve, con quello che c’è da votare in Parlamento.

Una “congiuntura interessante”, perchè un cambio di passo di Mario Monti – con rimpasto di governo, visto che stragiura da mesi che “i conti sono a posto” – rappresenterebbe un’ottima via d’uscita per Mario Monti, Giorgio Napolitano ed i partiti per restare saldi in sella mentre si avvia la tornata elettorale del 2013, per licenziare qualche ministro “ingombrante” e, soprattutto per noi, metter mano a quello che spread, default e speculatori hanno interrotto: la nascita della III Repubblica.

Del resto, i tempi sono pronti.

Tra qualche giorno conosceremo gli esiti delle elezioni locali e gli pseudomaghi di partito consulteranno le loro sfere di cristallo e detteranno alleanze e strategie.

Tra un mese circa esploderà (è il caso di dirlo) il “panico” da IMU, che verrà incassato anche da enti che la legge ha già cassato, pur senza attuare. E dopo un po’, con la chiusura delle scuola, le grandi città inizieranno ad esser piene di gente disoccupata e ragazzini senza meta, mentre le località turistiche dovranno aspettarsi i minimi storici.

Entro luglio bisognerà capire come uscire dallo “spremiagrumi fiscale impazzito” che Prodi, Visco, Padoa Schioppa, Tremonti e Monti hanno creato in questi 20 anni, portando la leva fiscale sul “cittadino onesto” ben oltre il 60% del PIL da lui prodotto.

Da settembre, forse prima, saremo in campagna elettorale per le politiche e bisognerà trovare soldi da spendere per rattoppi e ripristini, se i partiti vogliono le urne piene.

Dulcis in fundo, l’idea – cara ad una certa Roma – di riaggregare intorno Pierferdinado Casini la vecchia Democrazia Cristiana ed i comitati d’affari d’altri tempi, sembra inabissarsi dopo le esternazioni del leader dell’UDC ed il proseguire delle sue frequentazioni con Totò Cuffaro, detenuto per mafia a Regina Coeli. Dopo il fondo il “de profundis” con l’ennesima caduta del Partito Democratico che votava a favore delle “pensioni d’oro”, mentre il PdL sosteneva l’emendamento di Lega e IdV.

Mario Monti non sembra un uomo da “cambio di passo”, come non sembra anteporre l’italianità a tutto tondo, quella “popolare” come quella “laica”, agli ambienti bocconiani e “protagonisti” dai quali proviene.

Ma, d’altra parte, sono già sei mesi sei che l’Italia non ha un ministro dell’economia a tempo pieno, quello del welfare sembra quasi che levi ai poveri per dare ai ricchi, agli esteri “vorremmo vincerne una”, alla giustizia serve sempre, da 20 anni almeno, una legge per snellire, semplificare, accelerare le procedure giudiziarie, dateci un ministro delle infrastrutture che faccia costruire o manutentare qualcosa.

Mai dire mai, però. Il trasformismo è un’arte italiana.

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Italy? A cleptocracy, as a Supreme Court judge wrote

20 Apr

Ferdinando Imposimato, 76 years old, is the Honorary President of the Supreme Court. In his long career he was involved in the fight against Mafia,  Camorra and Terrorism, including the kidnapping of Aldo Moro (1978), the attempted assassination of Pope John Paul II (1981), the murder of the vice president of the Superior Council, Vittorio Bachelet, or of judges as Ricccardo Palma and Girolamo Tartaglione, killed by Mafia. A brother killed by Camorra for revenge.

Below, extensive abstracts are reported (translated by me, I hope correctly) from a long examination published by the “citizen” Ferdinando Imposimato on his Facebook page (link).
A “brief”, which should give pause not only to Italy but to the whole European Union and the Atlantic Alliance, as Mexican situation has required.

“The debt is not ‘public’: it is of the State. It covers the total expenditure incurred by the State, as direct investments such as large public works infrastructures, costed hundred times more ‘than it would be right to spend’.

“Public debt is grown tremendously to fuel corruption and financial crime, that ‘won’ 90% of large public works contracts.
And it ‘s not true that that debt should be paid by those poor souls who have not enjoyed at all. “

“Italy have not built new public schools, no funds have been created for the indigent, small and medium enterprises were not supported, public services were not improved, wages have not been collected to guarantee a free and dignified life. “

“We need funds for debts contracted – with dilated to excess costs for firms – in the post-earthquake emergencies, in the construction of large and unnecessary infrastructures for the swimming championships in 2009, to increase per thousand of the costs of highways and high speed railroads, in the payment of debts incurred by Alitalia and in indirect investments such as public financing of political parties (also used for purchases of private property), in soft loans or in patronage hiring in Autorithies, in the plethora of unnecessary bureaucracies in Regions, provinces and municipalities, as well as in the Italian Parliament. Up to the costs of military commitments in Afghanistan, Iraq and Lebanon.

All expenses that do not produce any benefit to the community as they will not ensure peace in the world”.

“Meanwhile the crisis overwhelms millions of people, data from studies of Caritas have witnessed more than 8 million poor and an increase of 20% of poverty among young people under 35 years. Job opportunities are heavly reduced. “

“Nobody tells us the truth about what is happening and they want to impose new sacrifices with the pretext of having to reduce the public debt, with the danger of bankruptcy, the bankruptcy that will sweep only the most weak people.”

“The movement of Indignati was under  attack and it was unjustly de-legitimized by the violence of a few scoundrels, who are the main allies of the Parlamentar Majority, responsible for a iniquitous and unjust policy. We stand in solidarity with the Police and share their protest, but it would be a mistake to confuse the criminals that have rocked the Piazza San Giovanni and other streets of Rome by assaults and arsons, with those who were protesting peacefully. “

“However a minority of thugs can not obscure the reasons of the disagreement. They only do the interests of this Government that should go home.

The movements, in the absence of the parties, are now the protagonists of a direct democracy, mobilizing millions of people to feel like characters and push the government toward decisions that do not penalize again poors and dispossessed. “

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