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Berlusconi sentenced, what future for Italy?

1 Ago

Strange but true, the SIlvio Berlusconi’s Supreme Court sentence will have a greater relapse to  Left rather than the Right side. In fact, no matter that  this sentence is the ‘Gunfight at the O.K. Corral‘ that Italians wait by 20 years in a collective perception of Politics.
A simplified world like a Spaghetti Western, an universe where the bad guys are always morally inferior: ugly, rude, corrupt, incompetent, ridiculous, infidels. And the good boys are distinguishable for their moral superiority: storyteller and soberly trendy, high laureate, perfect at home and at work.

berlusconi condannato

So wee expect, in next mounthes, the theme of an ‘opaque Enrico Letta’ allied with the bad guys (PDL and UDC), repeated in meetings, marches, strikes and scandals until November, when the convention of the Democratic Party will have to settle ‘inner aspects’ about real estate and financial interests, lobbying, factionisms, immobility and adventurism, political expectations of the different electoral bases.

Matteo Renzi, despite having a good following of experts and technicians, may be ‘light’, if the Right wing will begin to attack him or CGIL and the extreme Left will emit a ‘fatwa’ in name of ‘starvation of the people ‘?
Who weighs more? The traditional electorate, octogenarian and tipycally resindent in the Apenninic Regions? The public agencies, the health lobby and the  ‘justice machine’, the controllers of State holdings? Or will it better to return to the mediation and Walter Veltroni’s ‘moderate’ majority?
And La Repubblica – the newspaper deus ex machina of the Left – will be not able to be decisive for the balance of the party?

If the Left, predictably, will thread into the dynamic pre-congress – and in the debate pro-M5S and pro-extreme Left wing – more is going to change in the center-Right, with the departure of Silvio Berlusconi, that this judgment determines.

In fact, the major companies of ‘Made in Italy ‘ are now globalized and respond to not only to national interests, the Italian capital is restructuring, as evidenced by the various shareholders’ agreements broken in last months at the level of Mediobanca, and the situation of Unicredit Bank is very complex, because in Rome more than 30% of the Italian mortgages are filed with compromised Real Estate market.
At the same time, the pontificate of Pope Francis appears firmly addressed to safeguard the interests of Vatican and ‘not only’ those of ‘financially active’ Bishops. A Pope coming from Argentina with a clear and populist vision of the relationships between power and citizens.

It is not unlikely that, having the time, the PDL evolve / dissolve in key liberal-populist and this is the main reason why the tsunami ‘judgment Berlusconi’ could hit in a more eye-catching and dramatic Democratic Party, making hasty and fueling the shaking inside frantic thrusts.

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Mario Monti is (not) a communist

23 Gen

Some days ago, The Washington Post published an interview with Pier Luigi Bersani, the candidate of Partito Democratico for the premiership of the next government in Italy.
Important to know that ‘a 29 years old’ Mr. Bersani was elected into the ranks of the Italian Communist Party to the regional parliament of Emilia Romagna, where he was alderman.
In these circumstances, it is easy to notice that the alliance Monti-Fini-Baldassarri-Casini is diametrically opposed to the Bersani-D’Alema-Fassina-Vendola: it always has been.
A little as to put zebras and donkeys in the same enclosure, expecting that they have something in common to do. The former are all members of the Catholic moderate right wing, the latter were all  communists, self converted to a consociational statism.

So, it is really strange that Mario Monti prefers Bersani to attempt to circumvent the ‘hint’ that comes from all the international contests, which is to stand with his natural ally – the center-right wing – and do battle to Berlusconi ‘from the inside’ with the powers of a prime minister and a solid majority.
In two words, to live up to the political role which was called and which is applying.

In fact, Mario Monti – contrary to any common sense, prey of animosity against Berlusconi which forced him to resign – remains in trouble remainding us that “the italian Democratic Party has a proud history, from which it has been gradually freeing  as example, in the beginningdid it did not support the construction of Europe. “

A ‘glorious history’ that we Italian know very well, such as the mediatic support to the Soviet tanks in Hungary, as elsewhere the hidden financing of the Communist Party by a foreign state or the ‘alleged dealings with the Mafia’, that are persistent by 30 years.
And also – as someone who remembers the ‘glorious’ Italian 60-70 Years- the subdivision of the RAI (public TV), split among the parties, and the politicization of the judiciary, universities and schools. The hegemony of Coop in distribution of foods, the complex relations with the General Confederation of Workers ( CGIL), the party structure with tens of thousands of workers, as if it was a company or a parallel structure.

Last but not least, with regard to internal democracy, the PCI-PD remains a party from whose Secretary (or a limited Congress) gives the names to be voted out and it is already clearly visible who will be the ‘official’ candidate. With Primary or with a Central Committee, through the ‘democratic centralism’, it always has been: rare to see candidates who are firmly rooted in the entourage of party, even more rare to see them, emerging and collecting consensus.

Mario Monti is one of these. Why does he forget?
What stability in a market system and what desire to deregulate Italy can have a government that will hold at least one third of votes by (former) communists?

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