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Belgian Jihad: should we regret anything?

22 Mar

The Belgian security services leaked to the BBC to not having an infrastructure to monitor hundreds and perhaps thousands of people who might have ties to jihadist terrorism.

The datas are alarming and Belgium is at top  maybe – of worst, but the problem has spread throughout Europe.

In Belgium (but also in Sweden and a little less in France and Germany), Eurostat statistics in hand, there is more than half of nonUE women that are no working, as the 35% of Young nonUE residents and at least 10% nonUE residents were unemployed for at least one year. But in those countries there is work as jobs … if you wish …

The origins of the phenomenon will be sought

in the integration system which has allowed the maintaining a cross widespread fundamentalism as ‘certified’ the poor empowerment of women (60% unemployed) …and we are now almost at the third generation

in the welfare system, which motivates opportunistic ‘relationships with work and … the social help, if not borderlines or criminals, because most profitable as predatory towards a  ‘impure’ society: the more widespread crimes are those against social cohesion as drugs dealing and exploitation of humans

in the Media intolerance thus the indifference of the rulers towards those who complain if you spend the already declining welfare resources for foreign young people who does not give a useful contribution to society – easying the anti-social behavior – or, worse, if our neighborhoods are at the mercy of unnamed gangs what know they can count on impunity or negligible penalties – with the consequence of ‘commuters’ bulagrs that bite  in our countries and quickly flee over borders as in USA at the times of Dillinger and Al Capone.

In fact, with the advent of fundamentalist imams and jihadist recruitment, the situation in which European countries is like that Italian in Red Brigades’ Era, with widespread niches of ‘youth in trouble’ that flows – with the contribute of some ‘ bad teachers’- in banditry and terrorism.

Our weak point and the ‘Mass Society’ which is founded on compromise, which – if it gave simulacrum of authority – genres Citizens rendered incapable or unable to defend themselves and that – just to protect the white collars – leave field open to corruption and mafias … all calling us every few years to change everything but after all remains the same.
We will win? Maybe, but we should start at least a take back the ‘our territory’, at least that our grandparents have left us  and that we might share with those who really want to live by us and with us. Not with The Others.