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European Healthcare to cut?

27 Nov

‘The crisis has affected everyone and the healthcare is no exception. The future sustainability of national healthcare systems may not be guaranteed if we do not identify new funding arrangements for services’. (Mario Monti, Italian Prime Minister -Eurozone)

Never heard an uncorrect information like this.

To realign the NHS to the actual resources of a country, it would be enough to pay doctors on the basis of what the Nation can afford and not in conseguence of their claims.

And, since almost of them will be ‘civil servants’, as in Europe, the question is self-evident.

What Mario Monti is talking about we really would like to know, because, among other things, he has carefully avoided, in this years of bad times and poverty, to impact on incomes and duties of professors, doctors and journalists?

There is no matter.
A rich country (or continent) pays handsomely, one less rich – not being able to cut back on services, drugs and diagnostics – can only act on salaries, especially if doctors’ incomes normally exceed 80,000 euro gross and if a Director of a university hospital often exceeds 10,000 euro gross per month.

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