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Better in jail if Easter is by Mom …

9 Apr

The judge, in granting house arrest, had forced him to live with the mother with whom he had ‘good’ relations.
After asking to be able to change “domicile”, without success, a man under special surveillance – in Torre Annunziata (Naples) – has decided to return to prison.

How? Throwing a Molotov cocktail against a police station near his home and being arrested shortly later.

The crime, happened on the eve of Easter, saw Carmine Iervolino – aged 43, with a history of robbery, extortion, drug dealing and handling stolen goods – had gone to the police for coexistence problems with the mother and asking a quick change of domicile, something for which is required an instance to a judge.

Forced to stay even with his mother and having to do this at Easter, Carmine did not hesitate and, slightly later, at 9 PM, has thrown a Molotov cocktail on front door of Police Station … in full view of surveillance cameras.

The almost immediate arrest has made possible that Carmine’s wish came true, spending Easter away from his Mom and with people who regularly attends: cops and criminals.

Most likely, other prisoners were given “I do not know what” to be out of the jail with the family, at least at Easter, but the Iervolino’s familiar situation has to be really terrible, if he prefers to stay at Poggioreale prison and not in “this” Torre Annunziata …

foto pubblicata su Giornalettismo da Luca Scialò

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