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Vatican opens to divorced and civil unions, if hetero

19 Ott

Abstract from the Final Relation odf the Synod on the Family (Relatio post disceptationem), filed October 19, 2014.

“The indissolubility of marriage (“What therefore God has joined together, let not man put asunder” Mt 19,6), is not to be understood as “yoke” imposed on men, but as a “gift” made ​​to two persons united by the marriage.
But at the same time we have to put into practice the doctrine teached thus manifesting the true meaning of mercy. This appears clearly in the meetings with the Samaritan woman (Jn 4.1 to 30) and with the adulteress (Jn 8.1 to 11) in which Jesus, with an attitude of love toward sinful person, leads to repentance and conversion (“Go and sin no more”), as condition for forgiveness.

God has not only created human beings male and female (Gen 1:27), but he also blessed because they were fruitful and multiply (Gen 1:28). For this reason, “a man shall leave his father and his mother and cleaves to his wife and the two shall become one flesh” (Gen 2:24). Jesus, who has reconciled all things to himself, reported the marriage and the family to their original form (cf. Mk 10,1-12).

A new dimension of family ministry today is to pay attention to the reality of civil marriages between men and women, in traditional marriages and, in due differences, even at cohabitation. When the union reached a remarkable stability through a public bond, is characterized by deep affection, from liability in respect of offspring, from the ability to pass the tests, can be seen as an opportunity to accompany the development of the sacrament of marriage.

So there are valid elements in some forms outside of Christian marriage – however based on stable relationship and true of a man and a woman – which in any case we are driven to it. Looking to the human wisdom of peoples and cultures, the Church also recognizes the family as the basic , necessary and fruitful cell of human society.

In order for a pastoral approach to people who have contracted a civil marriage, who are divorced and remarried, or who simply live together, the responsibility of the Church to reveal to them the divine pedagogy of grace in their lives and help them to reach the fullness of God’s plan in them.
Following the gaze of Christ, whose light illumines every man (cf. Jn 1,9; Gaudium et Spes, 22), the Church turns with love to those who participate in its life so incomplete, recognizing that the grace of God works also in their lives by giving them the courage to do good, to take care with love for one another and be at the service of the community in which they live and work.

The Church, as a safe teacher  and caring mother, while recognizing that for the baptized, there is no bridal than sacramental  and that any breach of it is against the will of God, is also aware of the fragility of many of his children who struggle in the path of faith.

The situations of divorced and remarried require careful discernment and accompaniment of great respect, avoiding any language and attitude that makes them feel discriminated against and promoting their participation in community life.
Caring for them is not for the Christian community a weakening of his faith and his testimony about the indissolubility of marriage rather it expresses itself in this its charity care.

We reflected on the possibility that the divorced and remarried have access to the sacraments of Penance and the Eucharist.
Some fathers have argued that divorced and remarried or cohabiting may have recourse to the fruitful spiritual communion. Other fathers have wondered why they can not gain access to the sacraments.

It is still the issue in-depth, bearing in mind the distinction between the objective situation of sin and extenuating circumstances, given that “the imputability or responsibility for an action can be diminished or even nullified” by various “psychological or social factors.”

About the sentences of religious annulment of marriage the streamlining of procedure, requested by many – in addition to the formation of sufficient number of workers, clergies and laities with dedication priority – demands to emphasize the responsibility of the diocesan bishop, who in his diocese could instruct the consultants prepared properly they can free advising the parties on the validity of their marriage. This function can be performed by qualified persons or an office.

So – in relation to civil partnerships and heterosexual marriages, as well as for divorced and remarried – Church opens the doors to their readmission, when “the responsibility of the church to recognize the seeds of the Word spread beyond its visible and sacramental borders ” in allusion to the Orthodox Church , for which the celebration of a second marriage “is repentance, not a sacrament” – as well clarified the Cardinal Archbishop of Lyon, Philippe Barbarin, on Vatican Radio – in which the spouses are “welcomed and blessed” after a period of penance “relying on the relationship between the faithful and the parish priest, confessor and bishop. “

So Jesus blesses the divorced too if they are goodwill persons.

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Syria: two young Italian Catholic girls kidnaped by rebels

7 Ago

Two young Italian aid workers, Greta Ramelli and Vanessa Marzullo, were kidnaped  6 days ago in Syria, where they landed since last July 28, practically as soon as they arrived on site.

According to some local sources both girls may have been seized in al-Abzimu, a village to the west of Aleppo, although the internazional aid project had taken hold – initially – about thirty miles, at Haram in the governorate of Idlib, where news are recording an upsurge in fighting by months.

The rebels is seen fighting against the Syrian army as among themselves and they are:

  • the Free Syrian Army, composed by Army units against the legitimate government, backed by the powerful Hazzm family , supported by the United States and whose commander, General Salim Idris, has long since fled to Qatar;
  • the Islamic Front, known to be supported by the Saudis
  • Al-Nusra Front, post-Al Qaeda organization
  • the Sham Legion, Jaysh al-Sham, Ahrar ash-Sham, Suqour al-Sham Brigade, Syrian Martyrs’ Brigade, Jund al-Aqsa, Liwaa al-Umma, all militias made ​​up by Sunni fundamentalists

The territory that goes from Idlib Aleppo is virtually out of control with a series of clashes and the retreat of the regular army – due to heavy attacks with explosives  – as the contending of ‘freed’ villages among rebel different factions, with hundreds of deaths.
For example, the town of Haram – when our aid workers went and monitored – had just passed under government control to that of the Free Syrian Army, while the arrival of the two girls in Syria the same small town had passed into the hands of al-Qaedist Al Nusra of which leader, Emir Yaqub al Omar , was killed by a car bomb in center of Idlib town, more or less as they were abducted.

A predictable risk, if we consider that the two girls were waving the flag … of the Free Syrian Army, in the pictures exhibited on the internet, as confirmed by the third co-operatr who stated that during the visits on March “we were always accompanied and escorted by local staff, with a high degree of safety ‘, in practice armed militiamen.

A combat zone, there’s nothing else to say, of those that even war reporters avoid.

Vanessa Marzullo  Greta Ramelli Bandiera Flga Free Syrian Army

Vanessa Marzullo, Greta Ramelli – Flags Free Syrian Army

Why – with such a situation –  the three volunteers launched the ‘Project Horryaty for the health care of rural populations’, going in Syria’?
Did they not know as  it is more that one year that father Paul dall’Oglio was kidnapped in Raqqa, that it needed several months to have free the thirteen Trappist nuns kidnapped in Maalula? Risks confirmed as real, days ago, when militamen kidnapped and killed in Homs last western stayed there, the Dutch Jesuit Frans Van der Lugt, in Syria since 1964.
Information that at least should have known by Roberto Andervill an expert aid worker, President of the Palestinian Community of Lombardy and operator for IPSIA (an ong federated with the Catholic Association of Italian Workers).

Conversely, from the information taken from the official Facebook page “Health care in Syria-Horryaty”  the curriculum of the two kidnapped girls appears really minimal and common sense would have advised them to work – alone and virtually untrained – in an area where two young girls – Catholic and sympathizers for the unsuccessful rebel faction – ccould easily be considered a ‘military target’, especially if Horray (a) ty in Arabic sounds like ‘liberators’.

In fact, if Greta Ramelli, 20 years old, already had experiences in Zambia and Calcutta,  in Missionaries Charity structures, Vanessa Marzullo has gone in full war zone at 21 years, with graduate studies in progress for Linguistic and Cultural Mediation and “by 2012 will be dedicated to the Syria, the news spread through blogs and social networks to the organization of exhibitions and events in support of the Syrian people in revolt. This culminates in the organization and creation of the Health Care Project in Syria. “

Two quiet girls – grown in the parish circuits  as seems – practically kidnapped a few hours after their arrival on the spot, in a context from which more experienced and organized operators and NGOs  stay away. Practically, a gift for the terror gangs operating in the Middle East.

In fact, cards and warnings for travelers to Syria – edited by the Italian Departement of Foreign Affairs – already stated – on March 14, 2012 – the Italian Embassy in Damascus suspended its activities, while just 15 last July a notice recited that “in view of the current situation of high risk and serious danger, you should not go to Syria and we reiterated the invitation to our compatriots to leave the country.”

“We encourage you to avoid travel within the city … and you are strongly advised not to embark on any trip within the country …  The risk of kidnappings is very high, bombings and violence throughout the country including the capital. The peripheral areas of the capital and Aleppo are to be avoided due to violent clashes among regular army and armed groups of the opposition. “

Therefore, the travel of Greta and Vanessa was planned on partial and / or arbitrary infos, or perhaps ruling ‘biased’, given the flags of the Free Syrian Army …
And now someone will have to work hard to bring them home.

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