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Italy: apartheid on trains? A marketing choice …

30 Dic

‘A marketing choice’ so Trenitalia defines the new 4 service levels: Executive, Business, Premium and Standard.
Principal innovation will be that from the carriages of the type Standard, ‘second class’ as usual, you may not access to the bar or to higher class carriages, because ‘if you have booked a trip from Milan to Rome in Executive you do not expect that the bar is crowded’ …

A not really clear concept before to see the images chosen to advertise the new carriages and services: a Standard carriage showing an extraEuropean family, while Premium and Executive Class customers are strictly white skinned …

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Trenitalia tra marketing ed … apartheid?

30 Dic

«Una scelta di marketing» così Trenitalia definisce la nuova “tariffa deportati”: dalle carrozze del tipo Standard, di  “seconda classe”, non si potrà accedere né al bar né ai vagoni delle altre tre classi, ovviamente superiori, dato che «se hai prenotato un viaggio Milano-Roma in Executive certo non ti aspetti che il bar sia sovraffollato».

Se il concetto non fosse chiaro, l’immagine scelta per pubblicizzare la classe più bassa parla da sola: famiglia di colore, mentre i clienti delle classi Premium ed Executive sono rigorosamente bianchi …

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Eurozone Crisis: a worring ‘non sense’

29 Nov

Today, just today, Mario Monti has completed the staff of the government, 18 ministers, 3 deputy ministers for the economy and 25 junior ministers. It took 21 days after the fall of Berlusconi and we do not know anything yet about the program.

This is a ‘non sense’ for a caretaker government, created due to the urgency of the situation in Italy, in Europe, in the World.

A ‘non sense’ that poses serious questions about the accuracy and the truthfulness of the hypothesis, hitherto, on causes and solutions for the Eurozone crisis.

As well, this “nonsense” reinforces the disturbing hypothesis, which come from opposite sides, that ‘the banks’ – that are the place where the power of aristocratic and business lobbies is focused –  are trying to fix it going in their own way, rather than in our own way and ‘we’ are ‘the Europeans’.

In confirmation of this, we can note, as example, that the Italian and French media, with the good company of German news, are publishing everything and its opposite, without recanting and without a question.
It is no good.

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