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Belgian Jihad: should we regret anything?

22 Mar

The Belgian security services leaked to the BBC to not having an infrastructure to monitor hundreds and perhaps thousands of people who might have ties to jihadist terrorism.

The datas are alarming and Belgium is at top  maybe – of worst, but the problem has spread throughout Europe.

In Belgium (but also in Sweden and a little less in France and Germany), Eurostat statistics in hand, there is more than half of nonUE women that are no working, as the 35% of Young nonUE residents and at least 10% nonUE residents were unemployed for at least one year. But in those countries there is work as jobs … if you wish …

The origins of the phenomenon will be sought

in the integration system which has allowed the maintaining a cross widespread fundamentalism as ‘certified’ the poor empowerment of women (60% unemployed) …and we are now almost at the third generation

in the welfare system, which motivates opportunistic ‘relationships with work and … the social help, if not borderlines or criminals, because most profitable as predatory towards a  ‘impure’ society: the more widespread crimes are those against social cohesion as drugs dealing and exploitation of humans

in the Media intolerance thus the indifference of the rulers towards those who complain if you spend the already declining welfare resources for foreign young people who does not give a useful contribution to society – easying the anti-social behavior – or, worse, if our neighborhoods are at the mercy of unnamed gangs what know they can count on impunity or negligible penalties – with the consequence of ‘commuters’ bulagrs that bite  in our countries and quickly flee over borders as in USA at the times of Dillinger and Al Capone.

In fact, with the advent of fundamentalist imams and jihadist recruitment, the situation in which European countries is like that Italian in Red Brigades’ Era, with widespread niches of ‘youth in trouble’ that flows – with the contribute of some ‘ bad teachers’- in banditry and terrorism.

Our weak point and the ‘Mass Society’ which is founded on compromise, which – if it gave simulacrum of authority – genres Citizens rendered incapable or unable to defend themselves and that – just to protect the white collars – leave field open to corruption and mafias … all calling us every few years to change everything but after all remains the same.
We will win? Maybe, but we should start at least a take back the ‘our territory’, at least that our grandparents have left us  and that we might share with those who really want to live by us and with us. Not with The Others.


Brindisi under mafia attack? A propane bomb kills teenagers.

19 Mag

At around 7:50 today, a bomb – consisting of three gas cylinders and placed on a wall behind a billboard – exploded on front of a school in Brindisi, Puglia.
The students, assembrate there, waiting for the bell of entry have been invested by the explosion and the “fireball” that propane generates. The bomber was in sight and “chose” his victims.

An attack on women, since the school is one of few entitled to a woman and students are mostly girls.

by Google Street – The site before explosion

A student, Melissa Holland, aged 16, died shortly after in the hospital Terrino of Brindisi. Another, Veronica Capodieci is between life and death, mangled by the explosion.
Of the others injured, many are in shock and two had only minor injuries, but the other four have suffered burns to 40% of the body and two have serious leg injuries.

The attack is linked to local narcos, Sacra Corona Unita, by the fire-raising technique, similar to other recent events that took place in Brindisi County, in Mesagne in particular, the same town form where the teenagers came, as the explosion and burning of cars of the anti-racketeering association president, Fabio Marini, and entrepreneur, Luigi Devicienti.
Worth adding that in Brindisi has just been elected as Mayor journalist Consales Mimmo, supported by the leftcenter parties and the centrist UDC, who headed the drafting of Telenorba TV and was correspondent in Brindisi for news agency Ansa.
His statements, about the attack mob, are so “well informed on facts”. The location of the institution near the Court of Brindisi, his dedication to Giovanni Falcone’ wife, Franca Morvillo, a judge died 20 years ago under a mafia bombing, the arrival in town of the Caravan Antimafia in the twentieth anniversary of those massacres suggest the worst.

As a crude bomb – of the same kind used in other attacks on U.S. colleges, which “instructions” are easily found online – leaves open the possibility, at moment, of an heinous act, at least until the investigators will not have a clear track to follow.

by BrindisiReport source video on YouTube

A “quantum leap” that would see, according to the statements of politicians Brindisi, the clan of Mesagne as the author of the attack, that might be just the first act of a “narco-insurgency” – certainly less than Mexican – but in analogy with the mass murdering strategy done by Toto Riina, twenty years ago.

A concern which is reflected by the statements of everyone – experts, politicians, prosecutors  – that the Mafia might be “on the ropes”, not having too much to lose.
Certainly, in fact, Crisis has also affected those who had to speculate and especially who needs to “wash” money. Moreover, after the rules on tracking bank and those in progress against corruption, for the new fiscal rules, control of party funding.

A bad situation even more accentuated by the inconsistency of the parties and the difficulty to foresee “interlocutors” future, the strong position of the Pope Benedict XVI against mafias and corruption, claimed during the Vespers, and the high likelihood that Europe gradually goes to legalize and to tax drugs.

by BrindisiReport source video on YouTube

Italy needs an acceleration in reaffirming the existence and the presence of the state – and the sense of belonging and social acceptance – which does not become less urgent if the cowardly attack was “an anomaly”, as the Minister of inner affairs says, ie if it had been implemented by some scoundrels.
A ‘difficulty’ that this Italian government has – as usual –  to provide governance reforms (provinces erasing, new election law, sale of federal government properties, limits and controls on party funding, transfer of resources and utilities from State to Regions).

As Italy has to run on this way, the European Union has not to stay.

The time of financial speculations – during  two decades following the fall of the Soviet Union and Iraq Wars – is over. The Mexican Narco War is an obvious consequence, as the massacre of Utoya.
The demands of the younger generations are probably the solution, if they request a change in education and politics – addressed to the politicians who “will change the world” as  Beat Generation –  as they request to tax the stock market and the drugs dealing.

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III Millenium Terror, a new point of view

22 Mar

Europe: while the ambush to Alberto Musy, the politician shooted in Turin,  has already disappeared from the headlines, and while Mohammed Merah decides to die “weapons in the hands”, like his ancestors in the War of Algeria, it happens that no one asks – analysts, politicians, soldiers and journalists – on the new course of terrorism, which began in 1995 with the massacre in Oklahoma City when it was demolished, with a “truck bomb”, the federal building Alfred P. Murrah, FBI headquarters, which killed 168 people and wounded more than 800 though.

One attack occurred six years before Twin Towers demolition, which has seen unconventional tactics and “weapons”, which was designed not just to massacre, but to destroy a leadership (FBI), which was performed by two people (Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols), politicized but not connected with others, which had the “revenge” as its motive and not “a perfect world”.

Oklahoma City bomb was followed by Twin Towers Attack, implemented by a jihadist cell, linked to Al Qaeda network, founded by  Osama Bin Laden and many unknown others.
Again we can talk about  unconventional  tactics and “weapons”, not a “simpe” massacre, but the destruction of a leadership (Wall Street), played by few people, politicized but with no contacts or connections in place, which had revenge as motive and not a “perfect world”.

In the confusion and collective shock after September 11 attacks, George Walker Bush and his advisers found useful to say some half-truths and a couple of big lies just to hide a “complex but simple” reality, as Syriana showed in cinemas.

So the theorem of “asymmetric warfare” and “non-belligerent combatants” was created, in which the “rogue states” were financing of “terrorist cells”, motivated by a “corrupt faith” or hunger for money. In fact, the “rogue states” were not really (except perhaps Afghanistan of Mullah Omar), the “asymmetric warfare” does not exist, it is just the amount of missiles and bombers supplied to the USAAF, fighters noncombatant “were often of rebels “, the “terrorist cells” were motivated by revenge and not simply and solely by the” corrupt the faith. “

So facts happened and so happened “War on Terror” that still affects half the world’s armed forces against an invisible and largely non-existent enemy, as decadal statistics evidenced about conspiracies and attacks carried out or foiled.

And, meanwhile, measures were taken not against suicide bombing of the isolated persons and not useful if a network is acting (like Al Qaeda but also like Narcos), but both serve to prevent domestic terrorism, the spontaneous terrorism, done by “crazy” citizens.

And, in fact, although it has magnified control on guns, on basic chemicals, on money transactions and on certain ethnic areas and people.

Just in the last years, in Europe, we can report burned alive people in a bank by the Black Blocks in Athens, the massacre of Utoya implemented by Anders Brevik, the slaughter of Toulouse, carried out by Mohammed Merah, the resumption of “endemic” terrorism in Italy, including letter bombs, sabotages and shootings.

All attacks were carried out with unconventional “tactics and weapons”, to eliminate a leadership, done by individuals, politicized but motived by “revenge”.

So, anyone thinking that “the end of ideology” coincides with a period of “peace”, as he is mistaken.

By analyzing the many acts of “terror” that occurred in history, we rarely find well-connected individuals or part of an organizatio. An aspect that takes shape only in the twentieth century with the Marxist-Leninist, as Red Brigades or Red Fraction Army, or paramilitary nationalist organizations, like the Irish Army, the Basque ETA, the Israeli Stern Gang, the Palestinian Hamas.

Terrorist acts are actions carried out by few individuals or by organizations or networks with strong sectarian overtones – a bit as the Congregation of Hashassin, thousand years ago – which are in addition to the attacks carried out by or on behalf of one of many narco cartels operating in the world.

So, coming to Italy (weak link in the chain of Eurozona), this issue arises in a much more complex than they might want to think about the “talking crickets”.

In a similar “landscape”, the mayor risk is represented by over 50 y.o. people, who prevedibly should become unemployed or in poverty after Fornero’s reforms, and that, having learned what is “necessary to do” during the Seventies, could lead very blatant and dramatic individual actions, well beyond the climbing a crane or give themselves on fire in the street as it did.
In the alternative, their children, as the “revenge” motive seems to be universal … not to mention a ex-Nazi skinheads or extreme left activists 40 y.o. aged, exacerbated by 20 years of social and employing insecurity.

The attempt to Alberto Musy seems to belong to this category of events, regardless of any politicization of the aggressor.

Immediately after, the risk that Italy runs comes by two “protagonists”, not just “non-belligerent combatants” or “misfits involved in terrorism”: the Mafia and the foreign states with which Italy has not alliances, interested in destabilizing the Eurozone and the Bildberger financial system. But, wanting to be correct, this should be called “asymmetric warfare” and not simply “terrorism”.

Returning to Italian potential chaos, the risk of isolated acts is not irrelevant, especially if the media will continue to ignore a widespreading discontent about an authoritarian  government of technicians coming by financial business sectors.

In fact, what they are not taking into account – both Mario Monti and current European political class – is that, after “the end of ideologies”, with parties transformed into piles, not only the anti-politics remains, so “usefully” for who, like the financial powers, need to “divide and conquer” to lead their games.
After “the end of ideologies” the world re-comes “pre-political”, as the 1848’s cannibal Communards in Paris, the armed gangs such as Bonnot or Pancho Villa, isolated acts such as that done by Mr. Apple in Odessa, regicides such as Umberto I of Savoy by Gaetano Bresci, a southern man, forty years after annexation of the Two Sicilies.

Thirst for “revenge”, daughter of the exasperation and granddaughter of exclusion, is the “goddess” who guides the hand of a “terrorist”, not the “ideologies”.

The driver is alerted, but … given that these things are not taught in a private enterpirses … we have to clear if our “technical professors bankers” – in Italy as everywhere – will be able to “read the landscape”.

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