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Lucy Riina, an honorful daughter for a ‘catholic’ Mafia boss

28 Ago

Swiss television has published on its website an interview with Lucy Riina,  daughter of mafia boss Toto Riina, who said ‘I am proud and happy to call me Riina. It ‘s the name of my father and I imagine that any child who loves his parents does not change his family name. It corresponds to my identity ‘.

‘Our mother was extremely important, because we could not go to school. She taught us to read and write’. ‘ They’re my parents, we are Catholic and I love my father and my mother’, pointing out that  every night they prayed for the boss and that the worst in his life was the arrest of his father.
So ‘worst’ that every year, for about twenty years, millions of Italians rejoice the day of his arrest and commemorate massacres and martyrs of the Mafia.

Christmas massacre to Train Rapid 904 – quotidiano.net

Almost immediately the reaction of the Italian civil society, like that of Giovanna Maggiani Chelli, president of the Victims of the Massacre of Via dei Georgofili Association: ‘His father did not kill someone in a fit, but he slaughtered and butchered scientifically made hundreds of poor souls who have found themselves even just on its way as our children. Lucia Riina appalled a good time in front of so much innocent blood spilled ‘cause those like her could have a rich life’.

Massacre of Gergofili – photos La Nazione

Toto Riina was the undisputed head of the Sicilian Cosa Nostra for about twenty years and he ordered hundreds of deaths and injuries, attacks and car bombs, massacres, conspiracies and corruptions, that will shape the future of Italy and the Mediterranean for many decades to come.
We cannot forget that Cosa Nostra (and later Ndrangheta) invaded Italy and (in part)Germany with  heroine poisoning generations and generations, creating a  parallel tax system named extortion, putting tentacles – more or less directly – in many contracts and concessions, going so far as the London Stock Exchange after that of Milan.

Capaci massacre – photo Sestini

A man responsible for the death of judges Falcone and Borsellino with their security staffs. A criminal in career who has castrated the aspirations for growth and development of his own land, Sicily, affecting even the water supply to homes and fields, as still happens. He affected the election results of the Region and the Parliament. He blackmailed and probably continues to blackmail the Italian State, one of the countries of the G8 and NATO.
He has implemented terrorist attacks against civilians with car bombs and heavy charges.
How she can be ‘honored’ by a ‘this kind’ parent is hard to understand, unless we speak of ‘men of honor’ and ‘honored society’, but it is even more difficult to understand how she could be grateful to a father that – to escape the prison and continue its sordid business – has made raising children in hiding without even being able to attend a school and find freely their friends.
A Mafia boss who has never shown signs of repentance, as it happened for the bosses Provenzano and Buscetta or the killer Brusca.

Via Amelio massacre

‘The daughter of a mobster, what we expect’ someone would say, forgetting that consciousness is something individual and not inherited from the parents, which at most can educate or plagiarize.
A consciousness of which Lucia Riina clarifies the moral reference when she says “we are Catholics and I love my father and my mother.” A matter of conscience regarding all Catholics, if, for example, in Mexico there is a long-standing controversy for those rich donations that the Catholic Church accepts the Narcos.

Headstone of ‘thanksgiving as benefactor to Heriberto Lazcano Lazcano’, leader of the Zetas, affixed to the churchyard of a Catholic church – Tezontle in Pachuca, Mexico

In fact, the Radio Télévision Suisse types on site a title like “Une éducation catholique”.
Still, we should remember – including Mexicans – that  Sicilian episcopate imposed the penalty of excommunication from the mafia for three times – in 1944, 1955 and 1982 – and that Pope Wojtyla, lifting his finger to the Sky launched the anathema ‘Repent!’ against the mafias, called “fruit of the work of the tempter,” “social sin”, the “opposite” of ‘love civilization willed by God. Even on last May 20th, Francis Pope reiterated that ‘funeral can not be celebrated in the church for the Mafia people, because, by not accepting the Gospel message, they rank directly outside.
The author Roberto Saviano – under fatwa by Casalesi because he wrote the book Gomorra, has recently urged the Pope to issue an excommunication Urbis et orbis, to offenders as to part of the clergy – who officiates the sacraments – because they continue to ignore the ‘lata sententia’.
Without resorting to the very busy Vicar of Christ, it would be very appropriate and useful that someone informs Lucia Riina of what ‘god of the Underworld’ servants will do the mobsters like his father and what it provides Catholicism for families like hers, if at first repentance and shame do not replace honor.
No mafia or supporter of any mafia can be called Catholic. Stop.

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Brindisi under mafia attack? A propane bomb kills teenagers.

19 Mag

At around 7:50 today, a bomb – consisting of three gas cylinders and placed on a wall behind a billboard – exploded on front of a school in Brindisi, Puglia.
The students, assembrate there, waiting for the bell of entry have been invested by the explosion and the “fireball” that propane generates. The bomber was in sight and “chose” his victims.

An attack on women, since the school is one of few entitled to a woman and students are mostly girls.

by Google Street – The site before explosion

A student, Melissa Holland, aged 16, died shortly after in the hospital Terrino of Brindisi. Another, Veronica Capodieci is between life and death, mangled by the explosion.
Of the others injured, many are in shock and two had only minor injuries, but the other four have suffered burns to 40% of the body and two have serious leg injuries.

The attack is linked to local narcos, Sacra Corona Unita, by the fire-raising technique, similar to other recent events that took place in Brindisi County, in Mesagne in particular, the same town form where the teenagers came, as the explosion and burning of cars of the anti-racketeering association president, Fabio Marini, and entrepreneur, Luigi Devicienti.
Worth adding that in Brindisi has just been elected as Mayor journalist Consales Mimmo, supported by the leftcenter parties and the centrist UDC, who headed the drafting of Telenorba TV and was correspondent in Brindisi for news agency Ansa.
His statements, about the attack mob, are so “well informed on facts”. The location of the institution near the Court of Brindisi, his dedication to Giovanni Falcone’ wife, Franca Morvillo, a judge died 20 years ago under a mafia bombing, the arrival in town of the Caravan Antimafia in the twentieth anniversary of those massacres suggest the worst.

As a crude bomb – of the same kind used in other attacks on U.S. colleges, which “instructions” are easily found online – leaves open the possibility, at moment, of an heinous act, at least until the investigators will not have a clear track to follow.

by BrindisiReport source video on YouTube

A “quantum leap” that would see, according to the statements of politicians Brindisi, the clan of Mesagne as the author of the attack, that might be just the first act of a “narco-insurgency” – certainly less than Mexican – but in analogy with the mass murdering strategy done by Toto Riina, twenty years ago.

A concern which is reflected by the statements of everyone – experts, politicians, prosecutors  – that the Mafia might be “on the ropes”, not having too much to lose.
Certainly, in fact, Crisis has also affected those who had to speculate and especially who needs to “wash” money. Moreover, after the rules on tracking bank and those in progress against corruption, for the new fiscal rules, control of party funding.

A bad situation even more accentuated by the inconsistency of the parties and the difficulty to foresee “interlocutors” future, the strong position of the Pope Benedict XVI against mafias and corruption, claimed during the Vespers, and the high likelihood that Europe gradually goes to legalize and to tax drugs.

by BrindisiReport source video on YouTube

Italy needs an acceleration in reaffirming the existence and the presence of the state – and the sense of belonging and social acceptance – which does not become less urgent if the cowardly attack was “an anomaly”, as the Minister of inner affairs says, ie if it had been implemented by some scoundrels.
A ‘difficulty’ that this Italian government has – as usual –  to provide governance reforms (provinces erasing, new election law, sale of federal government properties, limits and controls on party funding, transfer of resources and utilities from State to Regions).

As Italy has to run on this way, the European Union has not to stay.

The time of financial speculations – during  two decades following the fall of the Soviet Union and Iraq Wars – is over. The Mexican Narco War is an obvious consequence, as the massacre of Utoya.
The demands of the younger generations are probably the solution, if they request a change in education and politics – addressed to the politicians who “will change the world” as  Beat Generation –  as they request to tax the stock market and the drugs dealing.

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