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Viral Mario Monti and the Italian state of health

16 Feb

It’s became viral the stolen image of the rich leftist senator Mario Monti crouched on the stairs of a hospital while waiting.

But viral often rhymes with banal …

foto virale mario monti

Our media there are very well managed to NOT notice that :

  • the privacy on health of a citizen has been violated due to a photo taken in a hospital and shared by media
  • it is not a popular imagination that the queues in hospitals are abnormal , that the reception is poor and that the ‘ paper ‘ still prevails on modern technology, though – water bottle in hand – a known septuagenarian is there, sitting on a step like a beggar, putting order in his things
  • to sit on the stairs is a violation of the rules for safety and the prevention of accidents, but no matter
  • this service ‘of choice’ is normal for a man who should ‘save Italy’ as believed in Europe.

What’s about Italian healthcare … is that stair … all OK?