Corleone funerals in Rome: not just corruption, but organized crime

21 Ago

Hundreds of tearful mourners paid their final respects to Vittorio Casamonica, 65, at the San Giovanni Bosco Church, on front of “You conquered Rome, now you’ll conquer paradise” read a banner, “King of Rome,” read another, featuring Casamonica’s image, the Colosseum and St. Peter’s Basilica.

Useful to know, the Casamonica clan has been involved of racketeering, extortion, usury and many other investigations into Roman criminality.

In the square on front of the Church you can ‘admire’ six black horses pulling an antique black-and-gold carriage as a band played music from The Godfather soundtrack, dozen and dozen of bouquets of flowers as a low-flying helicopter dropping red rose petals on the crowd below or a Rolls Royce and other luxury cars parked everywhere and blocking the trafffic for hours with pratically no intervention by Municipal Police … yet it is from 2013 that in Italy the public funerals of the mafia men are prohibited by law.

The parish priest,  Reverend Giancarlo Manieri, said he had no control over what happened outside the Church … but the big banners where on front side of his Church, not over, and in the same Church there was the funeral of Enrico De Pedis, the boss of Magliana Clan. Reverend Manieri is clear: “I would do it one more, an exponent of a clan is still within the Church”, but Pope Francesco – just an year ago – said that “those who are not in this path of good, like the mafia, these are not in communion and are excommunicated” … and it is from 2011 that the funerals of mafia men were banned by bishops in some regions.

Rome’s corruption is a thousands years tradition and after the WWII has long thrived on the connivance of city politicians, administrators and local crime syndicates, but without an infrastructure like Cosa Nostra or Ndrangheta. But, starting from 2001, something is changed: there was a junction between parties’ apparatuses aimed at illegal financing through services through outsourced contracts and criminal organizations /cartels as one of Casamonica.

How much serious is the situation in Rome?

Easy to say: the former and the current city council as the former regional council have been decimated by arrests, the prefecture calls for the removal of at least one hundred municipal dirigents, as well as those already involved in investigations. The Vatican – that would control at least 40% of the hotels of the capital – starts a lucrative Jubilee in an out of control town as the Casamonica’s funeral demostrates.

An old Latin proverb says: “Pecunia non olet”. (trad. money does not stink). But … in the III Millennium, where there is corruption, a mafia branches. Not just lobbyng, but organized crime … that had needed more than 5-6 years to take over the town.

The axiom Catholicism – Corruption is long-standing:from the first schism under Pope Callistus concerned about this and from Aryo to the Cathars through Luther and Calvin or schismatic Frenchs the question is always the same: easy forgiveness, lust for resources.

Until yesterday, the Vatican had serious problems in Mexico, in Calabria or in South America, as well as in itsfinancial institutions.
From today the scandal is Rome and it is not the first time in the last three thousands years.



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