Medical malpractice and healtcare waste in Italy

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One of the basic requirements of a democracy is that to propose rules and make the decisions are the politicians elected by the people, the technicians are allowed to be minister, stop.
One of the requirements of good administration is to not put in the role of decision-makers who are in clear conflict of interest.

medico_della_mutua_alberto_sordi_luigi_zampa_007_jpg_vgcdThe Italian healthcare is plagued by hundreds of thousands per year medical malpractices reported by the insurance companies and, at least from Rome to South, services are often inefficient, ineffective if not random.

Soo, it will not seem incredible, if the Health Commission of the Italian Senate is composed almost entirely by ‘technical’ and ‘political’: on 28 members 13 are doctors, other 5 are biologists, pharmacologists or nurses and another 6 are employees of local healthcare /welfare authorities . Just two representatives of the parties and two economists.

Zero representatives of associations (patients and / or consumers). Zero representation for the research (science) and the civilized world (ethics). Citizens zero, just zero. Zero, even, the omnipotent pharmaceutical companies.

Meanwhile, the Italian Healthcare spends nearly 10% of our GDP,  rare patients are at least four millions, invalids not minus than 6 millions, one third of over 55 y.o. workers are in ‘not good state of health’ (according officil datas), the monopoly of State on insurance system (INPS) conditions the existence of those who are elderly, those who are sick and those without work. Pratically, every ‘real’ person.
Today, in the middle of the Italian regions residents will pay taxes and increased tickets for services well below those of the other half of the regions, where residents pay less for more.

But the Parliament leaves our Healt(care) in the same hands that have built this crazy and expensive game: Health and Hygiene are off limits for mere mortals, so to limit the cost (and the rights of the sick and disabled) … there is on purpose ‘Pantalon ‘Monti.

It’s Italy and this is just one example about the will of Italian Establishment to repair anything and to re-start the nation.

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