An Italian white golpe is coming?

21 Mar

The General Accounting Office of Italian Republic has formalized that five rules of the Decree on “Liberalizations” do not have financial backing, although having received the approval of the Budget Committee and passed in the Senate.
“Unconstitutional” rules because there is no certainty of resources, but the Monti’s Government has decided to put confidence vote in Parliament, sure that the majority of politicians will do everything to keep seats and sinecures.

No mention about Gianfranco Fini, President of the Chamber of Deputies, that expressed “regret at the insensitivity shown by the Government” that did not provide “further evaluation elements” on an issue that “objectively has its merits”.

A government unresponsive to the demands of the Chamber of Deputies: an example of democracy and respect for rules, is not it?

Unfortunately, the worst happens.

The President of the Republic, Giorgio Napolitano, said, intervening indirectly in the dispute on Welfare, that “today more than ever we need a ‘inclusive’ and fair labor law, concerned to protect the rights of the weakest part of the contract and the reaffirmation of its rigorous duties to safeguard with economic growth and social cohesion “.

“Protecting the rights of the weaker contractual” and “social cohesion” means that the negotiations should not be resolved with “instant decrees” approved by a crowded majority. It seems clear the presidential reference on the “fateful March 23” as announced by Fornero almost like a Delphic horoscope.
As it is evident that Giorgio Napolitano meant to recall the three union confederations to the spirit of unity shown by the constitution, when asked, in the same message, “to strengthen the necessary capacities unitary representation of the working world.”

Given all this, a laconic Mario Monti can not say anything but “will be held Thursday, March 22, at 16, the final meeting between the government and social partners at Palazzo Chigi with the texts and will spread the word.”

An Executive, therefore, not impartial, or technical, but just super, as the “regret” of the President of the Chamber, the “message” of the President of the Republic and the “dissent” of Major Italian trade union (the CGIL) widely demonstrate.

If we were a Latin American with technocrats chosen by world finance as rulers and with parties reduced to an invertebrate Grand Coalition, do you call this a “white golpe”, expecially if  reforms on dismissed and unemployed goes in parliament without a deep and wide debat?

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2 Risposte a “An Italian white golpe is coming?”

  1. demata novembre 6, 2012 a 5:49 PM #

    It goes, our National debt runs to 130% of IWP maybe more … worst times have to income, everyone has a faith, we are Italians, we’ll survive.

  2. Blanca novembre 4, 2012 a 5:41 am #

    Inspiring quest there. What happened after? Take care!



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