Monti’s financial plan: a risky idea …

15 Dic

The three most alarming aspects of the financil plan that Mario Monti is going to implement in Italy are:

  1.     a devastating recession that already begins to be felt, with an huge amount of incoming unemployed workers;
  2.     a further aging of a public administration already ‘obsolete and wasteful’, which suffered major cuts  for years and is in its death throes;
  3.     a fracture, even generational and territorial, which will be created between parties and electorate, after a parliamentary vote of confidence so opposite to popular mood and general sense.

These are three or four ‘perspective’ aspects while, in this month of ‘technical government’, I founded myself writing for fews and the most part of comments was enthusiastic and / or reassuring about.

We might emphasize just that we are facing with an irreversivile choice, which will not be changed by a subsequent government ‘closer to the social’, as many voters believe, inexplicably.

If the recession will explode, as in the ’70s, the huge mass of unemployed young people would react as in the ’70s.

Italy and Greece are different each other: it is not easy to absorb millions of unemployed, as to them is not easy to manage – and then rebuild – their lives as it is hard to re-aggregate millions of disappointed and resentful voters.

Who knows if psychology, sociology and history – and teachings and method that can give us –  are considered by our government of “professors” or, at least, by that part of them who studied at institutions of Jesuits, who were forerunners and masters in the field of social doctrine …

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