Italian financial plan? Fix it again …

6 Dic

It is amazing how Italian press does not get up a complaint or a negative thought about the financial plan that Monti & co. want to impose to Italians, today, and the French, tomorrow who knows, standing the “feeling” showed for “Mario”.
All happens while on television, typically consociational, we listen, conversely, negative comments – sometimes caustic – by experts and politicians.

A financial plan that is an hypotesis, maybe a promise, maybe an illusion.

Helps for little companies are very low, given by tax cuts, that work only if people goes  shopping and if production rises up.
Obviously, we cannot expect any good if actual recession will be aggravated by measures that severely affect pensions, as it is really difficult mind to a more cooperative workers.
Talking on companies, Monti was clear: those can survive only espanding their markets abroad … where, of course, German, Indian and Chinese companies are waiting for us …

About the Caste – this is the name used by italians for politicians, judges, syndacates, medicians and journalists – nothing happens and nothing is promised. At this rate, the cost of politics, at least as an annual budget of 2012 remain an hypotheses and discontent could turn into anger.
Reorganization of municipalities and provinces sounds as a step back from the “general will” to quash the provinces and to melt small municipalities.
And always on Caste, nothing is in sight regarding Unions and “justice system”, which is equivalent to stay tethered in lengthy procedures and dealings.

Infrastructure and public administration are also at stake, despite vague promises, and this means that waste and decline will continue. Not only that, because a good part of the implementing rules of the Monti’s financial plan will have to overcome obstacles and drains in the State-Regions Conference.
The South is as well not exist, five billions od euros are a beggar banquet, not even mention Naples (and Rome) about landfill issue, incentives and infrastructure to even talk about it. And the fight against Mafia requires large investments … at moment not avaiable.
About public sector, it suffices to note that the rules on pensions will have no other effect than increasing the average age of personell.

And now, we arrive at retired slaughter. Monti’s “promise” is to get cash for about 6 billion per year over a decade. A very tiny amount compared to social uncertainty that produces. A sum also quite random.
To be precise, billions are just 3-4 at net of tax and, for other factors, actual Monti’s prevision could be just a handful of truly pennies.
In fact, since we’re talking about over 50 y.o. people that, not rarely, suffer from some chronic disease and we cannot number how increasing costs will we will have for for times off from work and increased health care costs, given that diseases will only worsen.
Obviously, these “senior” workers will always be slower and less flexible, not “upgradable” and not in career.
Financial plan on retired workers will backfire, especially because contributions will have to be concerted with Unions and we had, thirty years ago, an inflation “two digits” …

Finally, nobody talks about a new electoral law, without which this government has a blank check to cash. A problem of effective democracy, which is combined with the use of a Government Bill, which cut off parliament, and the many and serious conflicts of interest faced by this government. Serious and very serious, such as the President of newspaper publishers who is also Deputy Minister to publishing.

Don be stupified if you read in newspapers a fewer part  of what Italians know by television from comments of technicians and politicians. As we cannot forget that this government has no experience about government, democracy and social governance.

If something does not go your way, under the hypotheses of professors, the Italians run the risk to pay a part of the Euro Default of Germans and Frenchs, as has already happened for Greece and Unicredit Bank on which it is was poured a part of the Polish flop.

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Una Risposta a “Italian financial plan? Fix it again …”

  1. Tarig Anter dicembre 7, 2011 a 8:54 am #

    Economic Choices for Sensible Humans
    In managing the economy in any country, people and their government have to choose between four distinctly different available paths. Let us define them clearly and in simple terms:

    Model A:
    Maximize production & export; while maximizing consumption & imports. The results are: fast development; environmental degradation; and materialistic corporatism. (Capitalism)

    Model B:
    Maximize production & export; while minimizing consumption & imports. The results are: wealth accumulation; social disparities; and international hostility. (Communism)

    Model C:
    Low production & export; while maximizing consumption & imports. The results are: sovereign debts; loss of independence; and dysfunctional state. (Yet to know a name for this stupid system; suggestions are welcome!)

    Model D:
    Low production & export; while minimizing consumption & imports. The results are: slow development; low qualities; and weak defenses. (which are not bad as they may perceived). (Nationalism)

    Only these models are demonstrated in all countries and the citizens can plainly know which way their country is going to, and argue with their governments the wisdom of their path.
    So now what do people want? Do they want to be crazy; greedy; irresponsible; or vulnerable?

    If people look deep inside their souls the answer will be definitely obvious.


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